What do we do?

Cat on Table is a team of cooks, food stylists, photographers and video makers passionate about food and dedicated to the creation of amazing recipes, pictures and videos for your Website, Blog or Brand.

We work as a multi-disciplinary team to help clients develop original food content, including: original recipes, food photography and food videos, food plans, guides, books and more.

Our focus is to adapt to our client's needs in terms of diets and styles. We work with healthy foods, special diets, family cooking, gourmet foods or high-end dishes.

And yes, we have to constantly watch for our cat - Anakin - before he jumps on the table!

Our services...

We offer amazing pictures adapted to your needs in terms of style, colors, look and feel, and technical requirements. We also have a very broad variety of pottery, cutlery and fabrics to make the foods look beautiful and stylish


We develop recipes and diet plans adapted to each client needs, such as special diets, different types of cuisines, preparation time, calories, cooking techniques and styles of food. We can offer you individual recipes or complete menus and diet plans


We offer great food videos with different styles and types of cuisine. We can adapt to the colors, style and needs of your brand in terms of footage, editing and music.



We are ready to provide you interesting food content for your projects – including books, blogs, websites and social media. We develop written original content adapted to your needs, and we present it in a fresh and appealing way, so you can engage your audience and attract more traffic to your project. What do you want to talk about? Let’s talk about recipes, nutrition, diets, ingredients, trends, restaurants, or any food-related topic you enjoy!